The BE-AR rail system was developed after years of experience in the railroad-construction market. This system has been developed to guarantee a safe rail guidance with sufficient load on all rail wheels in a wide range of applications.

With the introduction of EN-15746, limits have been set for the track situation in relation to cant and rotation in which the machine can operate. Existing machines are severely limited in their ability to meet the requirements in this situation. The rail construction company is responsible for safe operation of machines within the limits and which machines to use. Normally the company has to utilize several machines for specific tasks.

The BE-AR rail system takes into account this reality as well as the regulations. Many machines on the market have difficulties in complying with these regulations and because of this, safety devices are switched off to get the job done.
Most machines have serious limitations in working within the limits, we identified the cause and we designed a system to solve these issues. The goal was to develop a system that creates a safer machine with a good overall performance, while staying within the limits.

Combining our knowledge of the regulations and the problems the operators have experienced, we developed a solution to create a safer and easier machine to operate. This ensures a good overall performance for the operator and construction company, allowing them to operate within the regulations.
In tests, it was shown that regulation limits were met and even exceeded. This resulted in a larger safe operating range for the machine and improved performance of the Rated Capacity Limiter in load and carry mode.

Most of the work performed with rail/road excavators is done while driving and depends on stability. Our solution does not rely operator activation and is therefore easier and safer to use without the risk of derailment. 


  • Designed as a module to be fitted on a wide range of machines.
  • Wider range of rail rotation and cant limits on which the machine can operate.
  • Improved production and lifting capacity, higher output without added risk.
  • Automatically activated when the machine is on rails.
  • Prevents derailment and increases workers’ safety.