BE-AR rail system

The BE-AR rail system has been developed by Berende (Berende Spoor-en Grondwerken) and Van Arkel (Nijhuis Engineering)

The hi-rail excavator as a jack of all trades.
Hi-railexcavators are often used on railroad-construction sites for different tasks. These machines must comply with EN15746 for safety and compatibility.
We have set out to develop a more practical/ versatile and safer system that complies with EN15746. And that will perform its duties driving on the rail while maintaining sufficient load on all wheels top revent derailment.

The result:

  • Better load and carry rated capability.
  • Safer versatile use of the machine, less risk for the contractor.
  • Easy to use for the operator, less risk of errors.
  • Easier planning, less limitations.
  • Can be fitted on different machines for railroad-construction.

 Tabel A918 zonder BE AR 4ton


 Tabel a918 met bear